1. Do I get full access to the Membership once I have joined

Yes, you will have full access to the program so you can work at your own pace. I do recommend that you start at the beginning and implement the strategies as you move through the program. This program is self-paced and every month there is new content added. If you are taking the first month Trial then you will only have access for the Trial access membership. Once you complete the trial and join, then you will gain access to the full program..

2. Can I cancel my membership?

No, this is a signed mutual agreement and a commitment to stay on the program for the full 12 months. You may upgrade throughout the program; however, you are not able to downgrade.

3. How can I get extra help for my business?

You will be in a closed community for the mastermind program. Here you can reach out to other members for support and encouragement. I recommend setting up a buddy to hold you accountable. Depending on which level of membership you are on will determine the amount of personal support from Lee. There is an opportunity to purchase coaching bundles for one-on-one support if required. Contact us to discuss your induvial package..

4. Do you offer any FREE training or Coaching for Business Owners?

First and fore mostly, I am passionate about helping business owners succeed. It’s hard out there. I know just how challenging it can be! And it’s next to impossible to find distilled, effective, real world guidance on how to succeed. So that’s what I set out to develop – the mastermind program that takes you through all the steps and processes, which allows you quickly grow their business.
For owners that wish to take their business to the next level, we also offer our Inner Tribe community – a closed, invitation-only group. As we only want to work with serious owners with consistent goals and values. I would recommend you jump into our Facebook Community – Business Leaders Rising – and you will have access to our Free resource area. Then when you are ready to take the next step, then simply reach out.

5. Are the Live Sessions Recorded?

Yes, they are recorded and uploaded to the membership site under the Live Sessions tab. You can have access to any of these recordings and view them as frequently as you desire. .

6. Is there accountability in the Program?

Yes, if you have selected the “accelerate and transform memberships”, then you have 7 levels of accountability. These are live Q + A zoom group sessions, Community support, accountability weekly reports, Facility intensive training sessions, module activity feedback, check in calls and one on one coaching with Lee – Depending on the level of membership.

7. Is there a Guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee that if you don’t gain a 300% ROI after 12 months then all of your coaching fees will be refunded. This of course is only available if you take action and attend all of the live sessions and implement the strategies into your business.
This guarantee does not apply to the “Jumpstart Membership Level” as this is a DIY program with no support from me or my team.